22 August 2010

On the Prowl

This is the last day of my first weekend at Eastern. I moved into my dorm on Thursday, and have been attending Prowl, the orientation program for new students, all weekend long. Spock was a big help moving me in, and, before we even got there, calming my nerves after my dad got into a wreck on the highway. I know it's only been a few days, but I have really acclimated to the college environment. I've found some of my friends, made some new ones, and hung out with my roommate, the amazing Freak. Eastern is really big on self-advertisement; I already have two t-shirts, a backpack, and a water bottle, all plastered with the EIU logo. I never mind free things, though. Freak and I have been having a great time just laying around watching TV, but we'll have to cut back when school starts tomorrow.
Currently, we're watching The Dark Knight, which is funny, considering that our dorm's theme is Batman. We also bought Batman Begins and Watchmen from Walgreens, which is a few blocks away. In short, I'm having a ridiculously good time. The only down-side is that I miss Spock, and my other friends and family.

13 August 2010

New Zazzle Items for Little Monsters

For some reason, the phrase 'GaGa in the Haus!' has been rolling around in my head. I figured enough people like Lady GaGa that they might buy a shirt with that phrase on it, so I've decided to add some new apparel to my Zazzle store. Also, I've been trying to cook up some items that people will actually buy, because I'm getting worried about money for school. I put up more 'Spock is my copilot' items, as well as some other neat things. So, my readership, unleash that Little Monster within you, and go buy some cool stuff!

08 August 2010

Twi-hard Fan

I must apologize on two accounts.
First, I haven't blogged in a ridiculously long time. Between packing for school, throwing a graduation party so wicked that my dad had to go to the hospital, and playing far too much Rock Band 2, I just haven't found the time. And for that, I'm sorry.
I'm also sorry for the reason I have dragged myself back online; it's not pleasant. Don't worry, nobody died or anything. To make a long story short, Bella Swan stole my birthday. Or, to be fair, Stephanie Meyer gave it to her. Let me explain. Lately, I've been suffering through the Twilight series, at the request of Spock's grandmother. She asked that I read the series, which she enjoyed, before complaining about it anymore. She even went so far as to purchase the books for me. [Secondhand, thank goodness, but still. They are festering in my home now.] The only one she couldn't find for me was New Moon, so I got it from the library, and am currently being tortured into reading. On page six, the victim reader finds out that Bella's birthday is September 13th. Which also happens to be the day I WAS BORN. I did the math, and technically she is two years older than me, but given that I was spawned into meathood before she was vomited onto the page, it was my birthday first. If I may be so childish. Meathood? Really? That may well be the strangest sentence I have ever written in my life.
So, in honor of my re-renewed hatred of Twilight, I present to you...

Seventeen Exemplary Examples of Anti-Twiligt Fan-Art
From our friends at DeviantART!

One last thing. Today [well, yesterday now, I guess] is Faythe's 21st birthday! Ahahaha, she's so OLD now! Just kidding. Please don't kill me.