31 December 2009

There Can Be Only One

For years, I've said that my favorite movie is The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I've held to it, despite the fact that I watch it maybe twice a year. So, I propose that I have a new favorite movie, that I've watched at least ten times over the past year alone-- Highlander. I am a Highlander freak; just ask Spock. I will pester him constantly to come over and watch Highlander in my basement. And not on DVD, either. I have it on Laserdisc (LD). I'm also very big on obsolete technology. I have an LD player with about a dozen discs, most of them equally obscure. I own records, but no record player; this would make me sad if my friend Freak didn't have a record player to play them on. So, today, when I was in my basement, watching Highlander on LD, on our ancient projection TV, I thought about it, and decided that Highlander would have to be my favorite movie. I love watching Rocky Horror, and I adore The Nightmare Before Christmas, but they get old after a while. I like Repo!: The Genetic Opera, but I haven't seen it that much, and even that gets tiresome. But Highlander is wicked awesome, and it has Christopher Lambert, who also played Raiden in the original Mortal Kombat movie. You just can't go wrong there.
What do for a list, though...
Twelve Epic Highlander Posters
And not just the original movie, either

You over-dressed haggis, you.
P.S. Happy New Year's, everyone!
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New Year, New You

I’ve decided to start in on dieting and exercise and all that fun business as soon as the new year starts. So, that gives me one more day to eat out and laze around the house until the work starts. In preparation for this, I’ve located the Ab Lounge that was lurking out in the garage, made a sweet mix CD for working out, and convinced my partner to help me stop eating out so much. It’s going to be tough, but hopefully, I can get back down to the size I was prior to my depression. I figure an hour every morning before school should be sufficient, especially when coupled with healthy meals and plenty of water. I’ll keep posting as I go along!

30 December 2009

CONTEST: Last day to vote!

Okay, folks, this is it. The very last day to vote on your favorite name for my WeeBeast. I'm very disappointed in the turnout so far. There are only 11 votes! So, get to the blog and vote! There is a majority, but I think it's fair to remind everyone that they have one last shot at a change in the race. Even if Ogden is a sweet name. That is all.

27 December 2009

Once I'm In, I Own Your Heart

Have you ever fallen in love with a song? It's a rare and wonderful occurrence, and for me, it usually happens with a song that was written before I was even an idea. I usually tend toward classic rock, the kind of music my parents listened to when they were my age. However, as little as I listen to newer music, I am occasionally exposed to it. In this case, my adoration is focused on Adam Lambert's new song, "For Your Entertainment". It might be the '80s vibe to it, or just the fact that it's in my vocal range, but the song just won't get out of my mind. So, I've decided to make a music video.
As my Youtube account can attest to, I'm usually behind the camera. This time, it'll be different. I've got a sweet location [Dad's garage] and I'm designing a costume, so, once I've achieved my other goal for the year, to lose the depression weight I put on, things will get interesting.
I'm most likely going to look like a skank and a half, but it'll be worth it if I can get back to my old skinny self. Plus, weight loss just isn't much fun without a goal in mind.
Let the crunches begin!

24 December 2009

Bah Humbug

Call me a Grinch, or a Scrooge, or even a green llama, but I hate Christmas. I'm pretty sure that I've felt this way since I was eleven, when, in a temporary lapse of parental judgment, my mother spilled the beans to me about Santa Claus, three days before Christmas. She also told me about all the other mythological creatures that I was brought up to believe in: the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, St. Nicholas, etc. I know that Santa Claus and his rampant gift-giving are not meant to be the true meaning of Christmas, but it was a disappointment that I haven't forgotten in eight years, and probably still won't forget for a while. In fact, it makes me unsure as to whether or not I should tell my children, whenever I have them, about jolly ol' St. Nick and his ilk. In my pre-familial, teen-aged mind, it doesn't seem fair that parents can lie to their children, in the "spirit" of Christmas and various other holidays and occurrences, while children are never allowed to lie to their parents, for any reason at all. It's a trust-breaker. Sure, my parents have done other things that have shattered my trust in them, but I choose to bring this one up for the sake of so-called Christmas spirit.
Therefore, I offer up this list of different December holidays, many of which having nothing to do with Santa, or any other mythological figure.
Twenty-five Alternatives to Christmas
Thank you, Wikipedia, and various other wikis!

1. Bodhi Day [Buddhist]
2. Winter Solstice [Celtic/Wiccan]
3. Signature of the Constitution of the Republic of China [Taiwanese]
4. Yule [Germanic]
5. Hanukkah [Jewish]
6. Eid ul-Adha [Muslim; sometimes occurs in November]
7. Holiday [Pastafarian]
8. Yalda [Persian]
9. Saturnalia [Roman]
10. Zamenhof Day [Esperantist]
11. Festivus [Seinfeldian]
12. HumanLight [Humanist]
13. Kwanzaa [Pan-African]
14. Hogmanay [Scottish]
15. Karachun [Slavic]
16. Decemberween [HomestarRunner]
17. Chrismahanukwanzakah [Paygoism]
18. Freezing Man [opposite of Burning Man]
19. Agnostica [agnostics, I suppose]
20. Kwansolhaneidmas [Facebookers, myself not included]
21. Alvistide [Sealab 2021
22. Wintersday [Guild Wars players]
23. Feast of Winter Veil [those loathsome WoWers]
24. Starlight Celebration [FFXI players]
25. Hogswatchnight [DiscWorlders]
Happy/merry various winter-time holidays!

23 December 2009

The Easy Way Out

My friend, Spock, and I carpool to college every day. He rarely packs a lunch, and even though I do, we often wind up going out to eat at one of the many restaurants in our area. Between this, and the anti-depressants I am taking, I have gained almost 50 pounds. I am used to being a skinny person, so to be overweight is horrid for me. Our New Year’s resolution is to only eat out once a month, as part of a date or something like that. This can't be a regular thing anymore.

21 December 2009


Today is the twenty-first day of December, thereby making it 21/12. This is a significant number to any Rush fan, as it is the fourth, and one of the most popular, of their albums.
I haven't been posting a lot lately, because I've been depressed for most of the week. I'm used to having Spock around, and used to taking him for granted, so for him not to be here, even for a week or so, is killer. So, this is going to be a short entry, despite the fact that I had started the blog to combat my depression. Normally, writing makes me feel better, but I've been so fatigued that it seems like a chore.
So, the bulk of this entry is going to be a list. The average of 21 and 12 is 16.5, and so that is the number of the day. As in...
Sixteen-Point-Five Pictorial Examples of the Number 2112

Let's see how I pull off the 0.5
11. Yes, I can always find a Star Trek reference. This is NCC-2112, the U.S.S. Star Union

15. Look closely... It's there.

16-1/2. 2112: The Sing-Along
Too bad I didn't post this at 9:21PM, aka 2112 military time. Too bad...

18 December 2009

ILL Routes Make Me Sick

Yesterday, I drove Spock to the airport. His family left for Florida about a week ago, but he had to stay here to finish finals. It was a fun drive there and back, but certainly lonely on the way home. I really don't like driving alone. So, on the return trip, I kept my eyes peeled for some interesting sights. It helped to quell the loneliness, and it made things more fun. So, for your entertainment, as well as mine...
There and Back Again: A Nervous Driver's Tale

Pikachu VW New Beetle

Inflatable Mario

Dancing Mario

Giant Inflatable Chicken Head

Jedi's Restaurant and Grill
I'm fairly sure this place has nothing to do with Star Wars

The Giant Pipecleaner-like Decorations of my youth

Billboard Obituary

Dodge Charger Police Car [Alsip, IL]

Big Green Bridge!

Bumper Obituary

Nebraska plates

Inflatable Hot Air Balloons [2]

Inflatable Hunter Snowman

Half of a stop sign

Road Typo

Hedge Words

Stor-Trek II

In short, an absolutely distorted view of my childhood. Sickening, yet funny.