11 December 2009

This Should Prove Interesting

I noticed that I haven't put up a list in the past few posts, not counting the last one. I certainly need to make up for that, and while I'm at it, how about I seriously lag your computer? You know you won't mind that much. For my Facebook readers, you'll have to come over to the dark side and actually visit the blog to truly appreciate this post, which is the longest picture list I've done thus far. You won't be able to see any of the animations on Facebook, because Facebook is, well, not quick on the uptake as far as GIFs are concerned.
Thirty Animated Pictures of Spock
The new Star Trek came in at the library, finally, and I've already watched it twice.

Okay, hang on a second. If Vulcan was sucked into a black-hole thing in the new movie, where the hell will Spock go for pon farr? Does he have to be on Vulcan, or just with a Vulcan woman? And if so, how the hell was he born? Can Vulcans and Terrans mate? Am I missing something here? Back to the pictures.

Shameless plug! Check Out SexyVulcan! The last five pictures I got are from this blog, but there are so, so many more! Go there!

The set above are all from my fellow deviants at DeviantART. All of the pictures are linked to their original page.

Geez, Spock. You're gross.

Oh, and I made this for you as well. Have fun with it.

I didn't think it would be that hard to find 30 pictures...

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