18 December 2009

ILL Routes Make Me Sick

Yesterday, I drove Spock to the airport. His family left for Florida about a week ago, but he had to stay here to finish finals. It was a fun drive there and back, but certainly lonely on the way home. I really don't like driving alone. So, on the return trip, I kept my eyes peeled for some interesting sights. It helped to quell the loneliness, and it made things more fun. So, for your entertainment, as well as mine...
There and Back Again: A Nervous Driver's Tale

Pikachu VW New Beetle

Inflatable Mario

Dancing Mario

Giant Inflatable Chicken Head

Jedi's Restaurant and Grill
I'm fairly sure this place has nothing to do with Star Wars

The Giant Pipecleaner-like Decorations of my youth

Billboard Obituary

Dodge Charger Police Car [Alsip, IL]

Big Green Bridge!

Bumper Obituary

Nebraska plates

Inflatable Hot Air Balloons [2]

Inflatable Hunter Snowman

Half of a stop sign

Road Typo

Hedge Words

Stor-Trek II

In short, an absolutely distorted view of my childhood. Sickening, yet funny.

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