10 December 2009


Two interesting things, at the very least, happened to me this week. For one, I was accepted into the university I want to go to, so I'm extremely excited about that. I've already activated my new e-mail address and checked out the website, and other fun things like that. I also called my friend, Freak [her actual nickname, not an insult], to tell her, because we might be rooming together. Fun stuff, says I.
Also, I got my first henna tattoo earlier this week. It's a very pretty design on my hand, and sadly, is already fading. I'll try to get a picture uploaded soon; Spock took one today. I have the website of the lady who did my henna tattoo; I think she did a fabulous job, and so I'm compelled to link to her. Definitely hit her up for parties, business functions, and bar mitvahs, among other things. She's awesome, without a doubt.
So, in the spirit of embracing Indian body art culture, I present:
Ten Beautiful Henna Tattoos

Beautifully done.

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