27 December 2009

Once I'm In, I Own Your Heart

Have you ever fallen in love with a song? It's a rare and wonderful occurrence, and for me, it usually happens with a song that was written before I was even an idea. I usually tend toward classic rock, the kind of music my parents listened to when they were my age. However, as little as I listen to newer music, I am occasionally exposed to it. In this case, my adoration is focused on Adam Lambert's new song, "For Your Entertainment". It might be the '80s vibe to it, or just the fact that it's in my vocal range, but the song just won't get out of my mind. So, I've decided to make a music video.
As my Youtube account can attest to, I'm usually behind the camera. This time, it'll be different. I've got a sweet location [Dad's garage] and I'm designing a costume, so, once I've achieved my other goal for the year, to lose the depression weight I put on, things will get interesting.
I'm most likely going to look like a skank and a half, but it'll be worth it if I can get back to my old skinny self. Plus, weight loss just isn't much fun without a goal in mind.
Let the crunches begin!

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