31 December 2009

There Can Be Only One

For years, I've said that my favorite movie is The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I've held to it, despite the fact that I watch it maybe twice a year. So, I propose that I have a new favorite movie, that I've watched at least ten times over the past year alone-- Highlander. I am a Highlander freak; just ask Spock. I will pester him constantly to come over and watch Highlander in my basement. And not on DVD, either. I have it on Laserdisc (LD). I'm also very big on obsolete technology. I have an LD player with about a dozen discs, most of them equally obscure. I own records, but no record player; this would make me sad if my friend Freak didn't have a record player to play them on. So, today, when I was in my basement, watching Highlander on LD, on our ancient projection TV, I thought about it, and decided that Highlander would have to be my favorite movie. I love watching Rocky Horror, and I adore The Nightmare Before Christmas, but they get old after a while. I like Repo!: The Genetic Opera, but I haven't seen it that much, and even that gets tiresome. But Highlander is wicked awesome, and it has Christopher Lambert, who also played Raiden in the original Mortal Kombat movie. You just can't go wrong there.
What do for a list, though...
Twelve Epic Highlander Posters
And not just the original movie, either

You over-dressed haggis, you.
P.S. Happy New Year's, everyone!
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