02 December 2009

Kiss it Up to God

My mom has an interesting saying. When my sisters and I get hurt, from falling down or playing too rough, or anything else like that, she'll kiss our "boo-boos" and say, "Kiss it up to God." It's kind of a, "Don't worry about it. A higher power can take care of that," kind of thing. Well, I was majorly hurt today. Not in a physical way, but more emotionally than anything. My baby cat, Lilliput, died today. She was hit by a car, and none-too-pretty to look at. Spock told me about it; he saw her in the road when he pulled into my driveway this morning. When I got home, I dug a hole and buried her in the yard with our other pets, also hit by cars. People just don't think they have to obey the speed limit out in the country. My mom is worried that one of my sisters will get hit someday as well; it's honestly not out of the realm of possibility, sadly.
Can emotionally pain be kissed up to God as easily as childhood boo-boos? I've experienced so many deaths this year, animal, human, and otherwise, and yet it seems harder, not easier, to deal with. Can I just give it to a higher power to take care of, or should I just face these things myself? I'm not too sure anymore. You may think that I'm weak for mourning the death of a simple, less-than-human creature. But out pets have personalities and feelings, likening them, if not equaling them, to humans. I'd like to think, and this may seem immature, that the animals that we give our love to have the capability to give it back to us. And because of those personality traits, and the capability to love, an animal should be entitled to a soul, and a place to go when they die, rather than just rotting into the ground. Maybe I'm just too sentimental.

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