31 October 2009

On the Boardwalk

Yesterday, I went on a field trip; yes, we still have those, even in college. I traveled with my fellow baccalaureate scholars to Navy Pier, to tour the backstage of the Shakespearean Theater. I felt very privileged to see a side of the theater that so few people can take in. After the tour, we wandered around the rest of Navy Pier, which was quit boring in comparison. Apart from the the outside attractions, which I didn't visit because of the fact that it was pouring rain, all there really is to do is shop and eat. Well, there's also the Chicago Children's Museum and the IMAX theater, but I didn't really have the time to go to either of those. Another time, maybe.

Just in time for Halloween:
13 Costumes I Would Wear for Halloween [If I Didn't Already Have One]

1. Spock

2. Misty [as if I haven't cosplayed it already]

3. Chewbacca

4. Shilo Wallace

5. Phantom of the Opera as the Red Death

6. Repo Man

7. Lolcat

8. Thing One

9. Catwoman [Michelle Pfeiffer version]

10. The Riddler [1960s TV version]

11. Johnny the Homicidal Maniac [only my hair would be way cooler]

12. Dr. Tran

13. Any of the twisted Transylvanians from The Rocky Horror Picture Show

May none of your candy be laced with cyanide or razor blades.

29 October 2009

Wake Up to a Brand New You

One of my favorite things to do is dye my hair. I especially love it when my mom dyes it with a box of color. She has me sit in the middle of the kitchen as she puts on the "professional hair dying gloves". After the hair dye sets, and I take a shower to wash the excess out, I go to bed [we normally dye hair at night], so i can wake up to a different hair color. It's like having a small Christmas. This time in particular was fun because my mom dyed my hair for my Halloween costume; I have naturally blonde hair, and I hate wearing wigs. Velma would not look good as a dishwater blonde, in my humble opinion. So, I sat in the middle of the kitchen, and Spock watched fascinated as my mom dyed my hair. He had never seen hair dyed before, apparently. It made me laugh, and I chased him around the house trying to dye parts of his beard. Speaking of which, he has to trim that beard in order to make a good Shaggy. We're going to look so awesome.

A small list-- Five Shows I Wish Were Still On TV

1. Robot Wars

2. Teen Angel

3. Caroline in the City

4. Reboot

5. Figure it Out

I'm just dye-ing to go trick-or-treating!

28 October 2009

We Loved With a Love that Was More Than Love

Last night, Spock and I went to one of the local libraries to watch an Edgar Allan Poe re-enacter. I don't think either one of us had seen anything like this before, but I think I can speak for the both of us when I say that this guy was rather impressive. The re-enacter's name was Duffy Hudson; he's been doing this for about seven or eight years, by his count. The voice he used for Poe was a bit odd at first-- it sounded like a cross between a southern gentleman and Forrest Gump. I suppose that it was appropriate, however, as Poe was a bit wacky. Hudson performed The Tell-Tale Heart, Annabel Lee, and, naturally, The Raven, while also entertaining the audience with details of his extremely melancholy life. R. I. P. Poe...

And now, for a Poe-inspired list.
17 Awesome Episodes of Lenore the Cute Little Dead Girl

1. Death Bed: My FAVORITE episode

2. The New Toy

3. A Walk in the City

4. Ragamuffin

5. Little Bunny Foo Foo

6. The Taxidermy

7. Queen of the Fairy Gnomes

8. The Return of Mr. Gosh

9. Grave Error

10. Magic Muffin

11. Kitty 46 and Kitty 53

12. The Day that Mr. Chippy Walked

13. The Tea Party

14. The Fugly Duckling

15. The Last Dance of the Ladybug

16. The Thing What Came from the Poopy Chair

17. Frito the Demon

Good night, Kitty #12!

27 October 2009

How to stop drinking so much coffee

"You'll get headaches at first, but after a while you just feel so much better!"

How I did it: In order to stop drinking so much coffee, and caffeine in general, I made a New Year's resolution to do just that. Normally I don't stick to them, but I made an additional one along with that. I had been trying to give blood for the past year, and part of the reason why I couldn't was because my blood is too thin. The person testing my blood asked me if I drank coffee a lot, and of course I said yes. He told me that caffeine thins the blood, and if I ever hoped to give blood, I would cut out the coffee. So, for the sake of a higher purpose, I did!

Lessons & tips:

  • Be strong! You are stronger than your addiction!

  • You don't need coffee to wake up; it actually makes you feel worse after time.

  • The headaches don't last very long.


  • Will power

  • Water bottles

  • A strong support system

It took me 7 years.

It made me so happy!

26 October 2009

547 Reasons Not to Study Psychology

For the last month or so, I have been researching for a presentation on paraphilias that a partner and I are doing for Abnormal Psychology. Today, my focus was almost solely on pedophilia, an extremely disturbing topic at best. Of the eight DSM-recognized paraphilias, pedophilia has had by far the most research done. After devouring several books on the subject, I turned to the internet to look for websites for support groups for each of the paraphilias. While I was searching, I found several allusions to an APA list of 547 established paraphilias. I looked all over the APA website, but couldn't find the list, which would have been extremely useful to the project, so I wrote to the APA, asking whether or not the list exists, and if so, could I somehow obtain a copy. I'll post their response if I ever get it. Hopefully they respond quickly; this project is due on November 19th.

And now, because I don't want to think about pedophiles anymore, here is a completely unrelated list.
Top 5 Awesome Spoofs of Star Wars, as usual in no particular order.

1. Family Guy

2. Eddie Izzard's Death Star Canteen with LEGOs

3. Robot Chicken

4. Interrogation Droid

5. Retold By Someone Who Hasn't Seen It
May the force be with you.

25 October 2009

The Ritual Mutilation of a Gourd

My family, whom have taken a long period of time to get used to Spock and his weirdness, lovingly decided to include him in the family tradition of pumpkin carving. My sisters picked out a pumpkin for him, and my mom invited him earlier in the week to come. We were going to carve the pumpkins yesterday, but when Spock couldn't show, they decided to wait until today. And, when I called over to his house, Spock's grandma said that he couldn't come, because his mom had taken him to see the Blue Man Group. Guess who had no idea he was going... Normally, I wouldn't complain, because he tells me pretty much anything. But he didn't. So, I hope you don't mind my childish whining, but this silly ritual is important to me, as is my family's acceptance of my t'hy'la.
And now for a themed list:
Thirteen Awesome Jack-o-Lanterns

1. The Death Star

2. Mario

3. Laser Pumpkin

4. Pumpkin Nomming Another Pumpkin

5. Huge Toothy Grin

6. Satan?

7. Hello Kitty & Domo-Kun

8. Big Mac

9. David Letterman

10. Pumpkin Pi

11. LEGOs

12. Soccer Ball

13. Spock [of course!]

Here's hoping your gourds will all be beautifully mutilated.

23 October 2009

Keep Those Vultures Guessing

It was a movie day at my house. First off, Spock, my dad, and I went to the theater to see Saw VI. It has become somewhat of a tradition to see certain movie series in theaters; among these are Saw, Harry Potter, and Transformers. Plus, my dad is my movie buddy; it's silly, but it's true. Back to Saw VI, though. The introductory 'game' was so nauseating, I thought I was going to have to leave the room. That's never happened before; not even at Saw. I won't describe any of the traps, in case my small but loyal following hasn't seen the movie yet. I'd assume most of you haven't, as the movie just came to theaters today.
When we got home, I put in Repo!: The Genetic Opera. My glorious friend, Faythe, introduced me to the movie, and I must say, it is a must-see. Above all, I was pleased with the casting of Sarah Brightman as Blind Mag. Brightman played Christine in the original Broadway run of Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Phantom of the Opera, my favorite musical of all time. I love the music from Repo!, and I will be digging through the internets looking for a soundtrack to it as soon as I finish this entry.
We also watched Casper Meets Wendy, a late '90s movie featuring a very young, squeaky-voiced Hillary Duff, and, naturally, the friendliest ghost you know. I think it was the most nauseating out of the three movies. Even sicker than watching the Repo Man removed the spine from a man he has suspended upside down.

Nine Soon-to-be-Released Movies That I Want to See

1. 9

2. Alice in Wonderland

3. Daybreakers

4. Legion

5. Ninja Assassin

6. Paranormal Activity

7. Sherlock Holmes

8. Saw VII

9. The Wolfman

See you at the show!
My favorite character from Repo?

21 October 2009

Teach Your Children...Well?

My humanities professor often diverts from the discussion topic to go on a tangent, usually involving Youtube. I can't help but mention this because, due to the fact that it's a marriage and the family class, we have to talk about reproduction. So, he brings up the subject of toys used to nurture female children, and to teach them the motherhood role. There are some disgusting toys out there, but these certainly top the list. The first two were discussed in class; the rest, I ventured out into the world wide webiverse to bring to you lovely people.

Top 5 Creepiest Children's Toys
1. Baby Pee Pee

2. Baby Glutton: a doll that teaches young girls to breastfeed

3. Baby Wee Wee

4. Baby Alive: this doll defecates!

5. Teddy Ruxpin: that toy is too terrifying for words.

Sleep tight, and may you not have nightmares about the terrors of child development.

20 October 2009

Androgyny Suits Me

Today, Spock and I were sitting in the back of his truck during a break at school. I may not have mentioned this, but I look somewhat like a boy, despite my ample bosum, and I dress in a non-gender-specific fashion a majority of the time. Which, I believe, is why passers-by thought that Spock was gay and that I was his boyfriend. The poor dear... I also haven't mentioned that I am bisexual, and quite a bit more into girls. That probably will come into play one of these days. I'm just glad we weren't harassed or anything, because I certainly would have put up a fight. I don't wear these terrifying stompy boots for nothing.

My Glorious JtHM Stompy Boots!

Well, that's pretty much what mine look like; I think that they may have been discontinued.

A list?
My Seven Favorite Bisexuals in the Media!

1. Hans Christian Anderson: SWEET!
2. Andy Dick
3. Vin Diesel: It's a rumor, but I take what I can get.
4. Elton John: His relationships speak for him; I don't care if people think he's simply gay.
5. Billie Joe Armstrong
6. Melanie B: Yes, Scary Spice.
7. Drew Barrymore: She is such a babe...

I decided on seven because I hadn't used that one yet. Top tens get boring when overused...

Where the Hell Is Matt?

Just a quick note. I just found this awesome video on Youtube called "Where the Hell is Matt?". This guy apparently travels to foreign countries just to get people to dance with him. Check this out:

This is the kind of thing I'd love to do. Not just the travelling, but also making people smile.

19 October 2009

I Can't Believe They Killed Him Just to Make a Good Movie

I was seven the first time I watched Titanic. I was thinking about it because today, my family started the process of closing our pool, which involved me standing knee-deep in freezing cold water, scooping the leaves out. I'm sure you can see the correlation. Anyway, being seven, and seeing the first on-screen death that I can actually recall, I was horrified when Rose lets Jack go, so he sinks, freezing, alive or dead, into the ocean. I thought that they had killed Leonardo DiCaprio just to make a good picture. It took a while for my mom to explain that one to me.
Being on this topic, I also recall at least two instances where actors have actually died in the process of making a movie; in both cases, the movie was rather celebrated. Heath Ledger, a very fine actor, if not one of the best, died whilst playing the role of the Joker in Dark Knight. The day after I heard about it, girls were crying over him at school. Some took the day off to mourn. Another less-recent occurrence was that of Brandon Lee's death during the shooting...er, filming, of The Crow. While a scene involving gunplay was being filmed, blank bullets were being used to create a more realistic scene. Sadly for Brandon, the gun was turned on him for the scene, and he was killed when a blank got stuck in the barrel. The next time the gun was fired, he was hit with two blanks, the jammed one having been forced out by the next shot. He was killed on impact, and the rest of the movie had to be completed with his recorded voice, as well as the primitive CGI technology of the early '90s. Needless to say, it was a beautiful film, and a very tragic loss.
Another thought: both of these movie deaths occurred while filming movies based on comics and/or graphic novels. Strange...

We need a light-hearted list after a rather heavy-hearted topic.

Thirteen Adorable Chibis!

1. Spock and Kirk [and a tribble!]

2. Darth Vader

3. Team Rocket

4. Wizard of Oz

5. Sweeney Todd

6. Raiden [Mortal Kombat]

7. Nightcrawler

8. Dancing Panda!

9. Penelo {IRL!}

10. The Joker

11. Harry Potter Cast!

12. The Crow [technically not a chibi, but still awesome]

13. Catwoman

Aww... Don't you feel better now?

18 October 2009

Epic Fail: Civil War Reenactment Edition

Yesterday night, Spock and his family took me to a Civil War ball. They had taken me to a previous one in February, on Abraham Lincoln's birthday. We dressed up in period outfits, and Spock went as Honest Abe himself, after I sprayed his beard and hair with temporary dye. We found something important out at this dance, however. After a group dance, a bunch of ladies, flouncy skirts bouncing everywhere, came up to me and practically shoved me out the door. They asked my name, and told me what they were about to do was for my own good. They took me to a dark corner... and proceeded to inform me that I had been wearing my dress backwards. So, rather than viciously molesting me, which is what I had feared, they helped me flip my dress so that it faced the right way. It was scary, to say the least, but they were nice ladies, and they didn't attack me, so all was well.
Also, at the dance was a re-enacter who looked a great deal like Zachary Quinto, the total babe who plays Spock in the new Star Trek movie. Yes, my Spock and I have seen it; we went to the theater twice. I danced with the doppelganger a few times, but I didn't manage to get a clear picture of him. However, I had a blast, and I will put up some pictures. As soon as my blisters go away, maybe.

Do my commonly spoken words and phrases have websites that pertain to them?

-Holy Shit: YES!
-Dude: YES!
-Apparently: YES! And it's a blog!
-Totally Not Fair: NO.
-That's Not Right: NO.
-I'm Gonna Eat Your Face: Not quite, but sort of.
-Holy God: Yes, but not quite the same spelling.
-Holy Nuts": Yes, but I think it's broken.
-Epic Win: YES! And it's another blog!
-Super: NO.
-Holy Hell: YES! It's a BAND!
-ZOMG: Pretty much, even if it is an off-shoot of Gaia.
-Well That's Cool: YES!
-[Movies quotes]

Take THAT, internets!

16 October 2009

Jinkies, That's a Sweet Costume!

For Hallowe'en, my absolute favorite holiday, Spock and I are dressing up as Velma and Shaggy from Scooby-Doo. I'm very excited about this, and I have every part of my costume, except for the orange knee-high socks. We've been looking for the blasted footwear for weeks! Finally, I found a pair on eBay, but they're in South Korea. There is no possible way for them to get here on time; I, obviously, live nowhere near Asia, though I certainly wish I did. So, I kept searching, and found a pair in New York, that could possibly be here by the time Hallowe'em rolls around.

And now... Top Ten Shows I Really Miss Watching:

1. Aaahh!!! Real Monsters
2. All That
3. The Amanda Show
4. Beetlejuice: The Animated Series
5. CHiPs
6. Classic Sesame Street [The newer shows are all bullshit now.]
7. Clarissa Explains it All
8. Daria
9. Garfield and Friends
10. Rugrats

This list represents a large chunk of my childhood! Can you tell I watched a LOT of Nickelodeon?

15 October 2009

Super Leet Pro Garfield of Win

Today, I dressed up as Garfield and terrified small children; apparently dressing up as a large cat really scares the wits out of kids. It was family reading night at my younger sisters' school, and the teachers asked me to dress up to entertain the kids. Some of them gave me a hug or two, but most crept away, or even openly burst into tears. Suffice it to say, it didn't feel like a very successful evening.

A small list.
Five Hilarious Cyanide and Happiness Comics.
[Pardon the fact that they are all, in some way, utterly disgusting.]

More nauseating entries to follow!

14 October 2009

Delicious Tomato Soup

My lovely boyfriend-like person, Spock, has just made a can of delicious tomato soup, because I seem to have the flu, or some other nasty disease. On the bottom of the can, we learned that the expiration date was sometime in 2011. So, I ask you, how in the HELL can they make soup keep for that long. It may be October or '09, but still, that's a long time for a can of soup. Vegetables shouldn't be able to stretch that far into the future. But enough of my ranting. Time for another list, courtesy of the plethora of stupid Facebook note quizzes that I have done.

My Life According to Rush
Using only song names from ONE ARTIST, cleverly answer these questions. Pass it on to 15 (or more) people you like and include me. You can't use the band I used. Try not to repeat a song title. You can use current or older artists. It's a lot harder than you think! Repost as "my life according to (band name)"

Pick your Artist:

Are you a male or female:
Emotion Detector

Describe yourself:
Nobody's Hero

How do you feel:

Describe where you currently live:
The Stars Look Down

If you could go anywhere, where would you go:
The Twilight Zone

Your favorite form of transportation:
Red Barchetta

Your best friend is:
Digital Man

You and your best friends are:
We Hold On

What's the weather like:
Available Light

Favorite time of day:
Fly By Night

If your life was a TV show, what would it be called:
Cut to the Chase

What is life to you:
Ghost of a Chance

Your last relationship:
Sweet Miracle

Your fear:
The Enemy Within

What is the best advice you have to give:
Turn the Page

Thought for the Day:
Where's My Thing?

How I would like to die:
Between the Wheels

My soul's present condition:
Losing It

My motto:
Closer to the Heart

Just a hint; Rush is my absolute FAVORITE band. They will pop up often.

13 October 2009

Biff! Zot! Ka-PUNCH!

Graphic novels are my drug-free stimulation of choice this year. I have utterly devoured dozens of books this month alone, and most have been of a more illustrated variety. As far as publishers go, I prefer Vertigo and Dark Horse, as well as numerous lesser-known labels and of course, manga titles. I recently finished the cine-manga for Miyazaki's Spirited Away, and I'm digging for more manga of the sort. The escape into a more interesting, and certainly more colorful world helps my depression, and it makes me feel better in general.
And, as a very fitting list, my Top 13 Favorite Comic Book Characters, somewhat in order:

1. Catwoman

2. Rorschach

3. Johnny the Homicidal Maniac

4. Morpheus/Dream

5. The Crow

6. Huey

7. Chi

8. Alice

9. The Riddler

10. Spider Jerusalem

11. Manga Spock

12. Wolverine

13. Naru Narusegawa

P.S. Bonus!
I found this whilst looking for a suitable Wolverine image! Yay Spock!