29 October 2009

Wake Up to a Brand New You

One of my favorite things to do is dye my hair. I especially love it when my mom dyes it with a box of color. She has me sit in the middle of the kitchen as she puts on the "professional hair dying gloves". After the hair dye sets, and I take a shower to wash the excess out, I go to bed [we normally dye hair at night], so i can wake up to a different hair color. It's like having a small Christmas. This time in particular was fun because my mom dyed my hair for my Halloween costume; I have naturally blonde hair, and I hate wearing wigs. Velma would not look good as a dishwater blonde, in my humble opinion. So, I sat in the middle of the kitchen, and Spock watched fascinated as my mom dyed my hair. He had never seen hair dyed before, apparently. It made me laugh, and I chased him around the house trying to dye parts of his beard. Speaking of which, he has to trim that beard in order to make a good Shaggy. We're going to look so awesome.

A small list-- Five Shows I Wish Were Still On TV

1. Robot Wars

2. Teen Angel

3. Caroline in the City

4. Reboot

5. Figure it Out

I'm just dye-ing to go trick-or-treating!

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