31 October 2009

On the Boardwalk

Yesterday, I went on a field trip; yes, we still have those, even in college. I traveled with my fellow baccalaureate scholars to Navy Pier, to tour the backstage of the Shakespearean Theater. I felt very privileged to see a side of the theater that so few people can take in. After the tour, we wandered around the rest of Navy Pier, which was quit boring in comparison. Apart from the the outside attractions, which I didn't visit because of the fact that it was pouring rain, all there really is to do is shop and eat. Well, there's also the Chicago Children's Museum and the IMAX theater, but I didn't really have the time to go to either of those. Another time, maybe.

Just in time for Halloween:
13 Costumes I Would Wear for Halloween [If I Didn't Already Have One]

1. Spock

2. Misty [as if I haven't cosplayed it already]

3. Chewbacca

4. Shilo Wallace

5. Phantom of the Opera as the Red Death

6. Repo Man

7. Lolcat

8. Thing One

9. Catwoman [Michelle Pfeiffer version]

10. The Riddler [1960s TV version]

11. Johnny the Homicidal Maniac [only my hair would be way cooler]

12. Dr. Tran

13. Any of the twisted Transylvanians from The Rocky Horror Picture Show

May none of your candy be laced with cyanide or razor blades.

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