11 October 2009

Entry the First; Also, Avatar Makers

Welcome to my blog
I am Sushi; no, this is not my real name. My parents would never have come up with that as a name, considering that they both absolutely hate raw food. My real name, given to me by my father, is not yours to know, unless you know it already. If so, thank you for continuing your support of my internet endeavors. This entry will be fairly short, given that it is the first of what will likely be many.

My plan is to end each blog entry with a list, and, because I discovered this website trying to find avatar generators, I will give you my top 13 list [in no particular order]:

1. Face Your Manga

2. Design Her Gals

3. Hero Machine

4. Female Furry Maker & Male Furry Maker

5. DNI Avatar Maker

6. Doll Wizard

7. Mega Doll Maker

8. Karoobatar

9. Lili Factory

10. Whuddle World

11. School Girl Dress-Up

12. Face Place

13. Vocaloid Chibi Maker

Oh, and why thirteen, you ask? Because thirteen is my lucky number; it's never done me any wrong, so why should I consider it unlucky?


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