21 October 2009

Teach Your Children...Well?

My humanities professor often diverts from the discussion topic to go on a tangent, usually involving Youtube. I can't help but mention this because, due to the fact that it's a marriage and the family class, we have to talk about reproduction. So, he brings up the subject of toys used to nurture female children, and to teach them the motherhood role. There are some disgusting toys out there, but these certainly top the list. The first two were discussed in class; the rest, I ventured out into the world wide webiverse to bring to you lovely people.

Top 5 Creepiest Children's Toys
1. Baby Pee Pee

2. Baby Glutton: a doll that teaches young girls to breastfeed

3. Baby Wee Wee

4. Baby Alive: this doll defecates!

5. Teddy Ruxpin: that toy is too terrifying for words.

Sleep tight, and may you not have nightmares about the terrors of child development.

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