20 October 2009

Androgyny Suits Me

Today, Spock and I were sitting in the back of his truck during a break at school. I may not have mentioned this, but I look somewhat like a boy, despite my ample bosum, and I dress in a non-gender-specific fashion a majority of the time. Which, I believe, is why passers-by thought that Spock was gay and that I was his boyfriend. The poor dear... I also haven't mentioned that I am bisexual, and quite a bit more into girls. That probably will come into play one of these days. I'm just glad we weren't harassed or anything, because I certainly would have put up a fight. I don't wear these terrifying stompy boots for nothing.

My Glorious JtHM Stompy Boots!

Well, that's pretty much what mine look like; I think that they may have been discontinued.

A list?
My Seven Favorite Bisexuals in the Media!

1. Hans Christian Anderson: SWEET!
2. Andy Dick
3. Vin Diesel: It's a rumor, but I take what I can get.
4. Elton John: His relationships speak for him; I don't care if people think he's simply gay.
5. Billie Joe Armstrong
6. Melanie B: Yes, Scary Spice.
7. Drew Barrymore: She is such a babe...

I decided on seven because I hadn't used that one yet. Top tens get boring when overused...

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