18 October 2009

Epic Fail: Civil War Reenactment Edition

Yesterday night, Spock and his family took me to a Civil War ball. They had taken me to a previous one in February, on Abraham Lincoln's birthday. We dressed up in period outfits, and Spock went as Honest Abe himself, after I sprayed his beard and hair with temporary dye. We found something important out at this dance, however. After a group dance, a bunch of ladies, flouncy skirts bouncing everywhere, came up to me and practically shoved me out the door. They asked my name, and told me what they were about to do was for my own good. They took me to a dark corner... and proceeded to inform me that I had been wearing my dress backwards. So, rather than viciously molesting me, which is what I had feared, they helped me flip my dress so that it faced the right way. It was scary, to say the least, but they were nice ladies, and they didn't attack me, so all was well.
Also, at the dance was a re-enacter who looked a great deal like Zachary Quinto, the total babe who plays Spock in the new Star Trek movie. Yes, my Spock and I have seen it; we went to the theater twice. I danced with the doppelganger a few times, but I didn't manage to get a clear picture of him. However, I had a blast, and I will put up some pictures. As soon as my blisters go away, maybe.

Do my commonly spoken words and phrases have websites that pertain to them?

-Holy Shit: YES!
-Dude: YES!
-Apparently: YES! And it's a blog!
-Totally Not Fair: NO.
-That's Not Right: NO.
-I'm Gonna Eat Your Face: Not quite, but sort of.
-Holy God: Yes, but not quite the same spelling.
-Holy Nuts": Yes, but I think it's broken.
-Epic Win: YES! And it's another blog!
-Super: NO.
-Holy Hell: YES! It's a BAND!
-ZOMG: Pretty much, even if it is an off-shoot of Gaia.
-Well That's Cool: YES!
-[Movies quotes]

Take THAT, internets!