13 October 2009

Biff! Zot! Ka-PUNCH!

Graphic novels are my drug-free stimulation of choice this year. I have utterly devoured dozens of books this month alone, and most have been of a more illustrated variety. As far as publishers go, I prefer Vertigo and Dark Horse, as well as numerous lesser-known labels and of course, manga titles. I recently finished the cine-manga for Miyazaki's Spirited Away, and I'm digging for more manga of the sort. The escape into a more interesting, and certainly more colorful world helps my depression, and it makes me feel better in general.
And, as a very fitting list, my Top 13 Favorite Comic Book Characters, somewhat in order:

1. Catwoman

2. Rorschach

3. Johnny the Homicidal Maniac

4. Morpheus/Dream

5. The Crow

6. Huey

7. Chi

8. Alice

9. The Riddler

10. Spider Jerusalem

11. Manga Spock

12. Wolverine

13. Naru Narusegawa

P.S. Bonus!
I found this whilst looking for a suitable Wolverine image! Yay Spock!

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