15 October 2009

Super Leet Pro Garfield of Win

Today, I dressed up as Garfield and terrified small children; apparently dressing up as a large cat really scares the wits out of kids. It was family reading night at my younger sisters' school, and the teachers asked me to dress up to entertain the kids. Some of them gave me a hug or two, but most crept away, or even openly burst into tears. Suffice it to say, it didn't feel like a very successful evening.

A small list.
Five Hilarious Cyanide and Happiness Comics.
[Pardon the fact that they are all, in some way, utterly disgusting.]

More nauseating entries to follow!


  1. lol! they're bloody punny and right up my cynical street. I shall repost fellow blogger and link to your site.
    Ciao. =]

  2. Thank you much. I appreciate the free publicity!