27 October 2009

How to stop drinking so much coffee

"You'll get headaches at first, but after a while you just feel so much better!"

How I did it: In order to stop drinking so much coffee, and caffeine in general, I made a New Year's resolution to do just that. Normally I don't stick to them, but I made an additional one along with that. I had been trying to give blood for the past year, and part of the reason why I couldn't was because my blood is too thin. The person testing my blood asked me if I drank coffee a lot, and of course I said yes. He told me that caffeine thins the blood, and if I ever hoped to give blood, I would cut out the coffee. So, for the sake of a higher purpose, I did!

Lessons & tips:

  • Be strong! You are stronger than your addiction!

  • You don't need coffee to wake up; it actually makes you feel worse after time.

  • The headaches don't last very long.


  • Will power

  • Water bottles

  • A strong support system

It took me 7 years.

It made me so happy!

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