25 October 2009

The Ritual Mutilation of a Gourd

My family, whom have taken a long period of time to get used to Spock and his weirdness, lovingly decided to include him in the family tradition of pumpkin carving. My sisters picked out a pumpkin for him, and my mom invited him earlier in the week to come. We were going to carve the pumpkins yesterday, but when Spock couldn't show, they decided to wait until today. And, when I called over to his house, Spock's grandma said that he couldn't come, because his mom had taken him to see the Blue Man Group. Guess who had no idea he was going... Normally, I wouldn't complain, because he tells me pretty much anything. But he didn't. So, I hope you don't mind my childish whining, but this silly ritual is important to me, as is my family's acceptance of my t'hy'la.
And now for a themed list:
Thirteen Awesome Jack-o-Lanterns

1. The Death Star

2. Mario

3. Laser Pumpkin

4. Pumpkin Nomming Another Pumpkin

5. Huge Toothy Grin

6. Satan?

7. Hello Kitty & Domo-Kun

8. Big Mac

9. David Letterman

10. Pumpkin Pi

11. LEGOs

12. Soccer Ball

13. Spock [of course!]

Here's hoping your gourds will all be beautifully mutilated.

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