23 October 2009

Keep Those Vultures Guessing

It was a movie day at my house. First off, Spock, my dad, and I went to the theater to see Saw VI. It has become somewhat of a tradition to see certain movie series in theaters; among these are Saw, Harry Potter, and Transformers. Plus, my dad is my movie buddy; it's silly, but it's true. Back to Saw VI, though. The introductory 'game' was so nauseating, I thought I was going to have to leave the room. That's never happened before; not even at Saw. I won't describe any of the traps, in case my small but loyal following hasn't seen the movie yet. I'd assume most of you haven't, as the movie just came to theaters today.
When we got home, I put in Repo!: The Genetic Opera. My glorious friend, Faythe, introduced me to the movie, and I must say, it is a must-see. Above all, I was pleased with the casting of Sarah Brightman as Blind Mag. Brightman played Christine in the original Broadway run of Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Phantom of the Opera, my favorite musical of all time. I love the music from Repo!, and I will be digging through the internets looking for a soundtrack to it as soon as I finish this entry.
We also watched Casper Meets Wendy, a late '90s movie featuring a very young, squeaky-voiced Hillary Duff, and, naturally, the friendliest ghost you know. I think it was the most nauseating out of the three movies. Even sicker than watching the Repo Man removed the spine from a man he has suspended upside down.

Nine Soon-to-be-Released Movies That I Want to See

1. 9

2. Alice in Wonderland

3. Daybreakers

4. Legion

5. Ninja Assassin

6. Paranormal Activity

7. Sherlock Holmes

8. Saw VII

9. The Wolfman

See you at the show!
My favorite character from Repo?

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