02 November 2009

How to graduate

"I feel so liberated! But now I'm in college, so I have graduate all over again!"

How I did it:

  • studied hard; really, really hard...
  • didn't pay attention to friends who dropped out sophomore year; it's not worth it
  • joined some clubs and sports to make things less boring
  • joined some more clubs, and ran for some offices
  • got in trouble occasionally, but not enough to even get a detention
  • had fun, even if there was occasional drama and bad days

Lessons & tips:

  • Be yourself; don't bow to the mainstream
  • Don't feel pressured to do anything you don't want to do, unless it's an assignment
  • Lay off the MMORPGs; they don't help
  • Don't date every hot body you see,
  • Don't settle just because you want to be like everyone else
  • Don't give anyone your computer password; it WILL be exploited.


  • Crazy clothes
  • Thrift store shoes
  • Childish folders
  • Awesome friends
  • Block scheduling!!!

It took me 4 years.

It made me smarter-ish!

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