13 November 2009

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Finishing Watchmen for the second time, I certainly understand it a great deal more than the first go-round. Though I still don't see why people thought Rorschach was a homophobe; it must have been something that was implied in that second-rate movie that came out earlier this year. I went to the midnight show with a friend of mine, and every time Doc Manhattan came on screen, someone behind us shouted, "Blue wang!" Imbeciles. Rorschach is still my favorite character; he was the only one to remain himself despite all that happened. He was only warped because of the massacre that his childhood was, because of his mother, his peers. He never had a chance for a normal life, in my opinion. For a psychology student, he is the perfect anti-hero.

What do you see?
Thirteen Rorschach ink blots...

Who are you kidding? All I see is a pretty butterfly, and some nice flowers.

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