19 November 2009

Prepare for Win

The paraphilias presentation went absolutely perfect. My partner and I managed to use the entire class period, which was over an hour, and people were fascinated. I don't think anyone left bored. I feel like it was an epic success. And so, to celebrate that epicness, I present...

Fifteen Examples of
It's huge because it represents pure awesome

1. EpicWin.net: Website of win!
2. Severely Photoshopped Emma Watson

3. Click the seal for gross amounts of WIN!

4. I don't condone smoking, but come on; that's awesome.

5. High-five a stuffed lynx!

6. Once Upon a Win: win from back in the day!
7. It's like looking into another dimension...

8. /v/ epic win!: Just in case you don't know, /v/ = video games.
9. Slam dunk!

10. As defined by Encyclopedia Dramatica
11. It may not exist on eBay, but you can find it here.

12. Grammar is win.

13. It's even in the papers. Notice that this is when Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize. WIN!

14. You wish you were this awesome.

15. Picard is so win. And shiny.

I think I ought to mention that Spock is now my random numbers generator. Most of my list sizes are determined by whatever number pops into his head. Therefore, he is the sixteenth example of epic win.


  1. I love 12 and 13 lol. I made sure to save it and add it to my collection of funny pics.

    And congrats on the paraphilias presentation. It's nice that you went out to cover that subject. It's usually something most people turn away from because it deals with sexual deviances. But when taking a closer look at it, there's a lot more too it. Did you present to a high school class or a college class?

  2. I presented to a college class. I go to a community college at the moment.