21 November 2009

Ouch on Ice

My sisters are both in Girl Scouts, and one of the county leaders organized an ice skating trip. The funny thing is, the ice arena is right next to my school. Despite that, I'd not been there prior to today. I had a decent amount of fun, but I fell down an awful lot, so I'm still kind of bitter.
For that reason, today's list...

Eight Hilarious Ice Skating Bloopers
Get it? Eight? As in figure-8? Ah, it's not that funny, I know.

1. Detroit Skating Club 2009 Ice Show Bloopers
2. Ice Skating Accidents
3. Figure Skating Temper Tantrum
4. Ice skating....A great sport =)
5. Worst Figure Skating Routine in History
6. Sasha Cohen - 35 Mistakes by Sasha Cohen
7. My Montage about Figure Skating Falls
8. The Ice Skating Falls!
That's gotta hurt.

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