08 November 2009

It's Coming Out On the 17th of this Year!

Well, it's finally coming! I've been waiting for this day since at least early May, if not for my entire teenaged life previous to that date! Star Trek is coming out on DVD, and various other playable disc-like things! If only it was going to be released on Laserdisc; I'd be overjoyed to use my amazing Laserdisc player for something as awesome and Star Trek. Nevertheless, i will soon be able to drool over Zachary Quinto, on a somewhat smaller screen than before. [Don't tell my Spock that I sort-of, kind-of crush on this Spock as well...]

My list for today is...
Seven Amazing Dubs of [the late] Billy Mays Commercials

1. Neverscrub
2. Might Putty
3. Bigy City Sliders
4. Hercules Hooks
5. Orange Glow
6. OxiClean Detergent Balls
7. Kaboom
Oh, and here's one from Vince!
BONUS! Slap Chop
You'll never look at infomercials the same way again. Ever.

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