23 November 2009

CONTEST: Name My WeeBeast!

So, Spock and I went to an epic book sale a few days ago, and I came across this strange-looking, anthropomorphic stuffed animal called a WeeBeast. When we checked out, the lady who rang up my books gave the creature to me for free, because "no-one wanted it anyway." Sad, very sad. Every beast deserves a home.
And every beast also deserves a name. With that in mind, I'm having a small contest. I would like my readership, small though you may be, to submit name ideas for the WeeBeast. I don't know what gender it's supposed to be, so get creative. After I get a substantial amount of names, five at the least, I will put up a poll on the blog, so that everyone can vote. On December 31st, whichever name has the most votes will win, and I'll make a spiffy button for the winner to put on their site. I loves me some Photoshop, as you may have guessed.
So, start submitting!


  1. Does your beast have a gender?? If not specific, I vote for Carey or Carrie. Eiher one works...

  2. No, the WeeBeast doesn't have a visibly discernible gender. Thank you for your entry, Anonymous. If you win, you'll need to identify yourself.