16 November 2009

"The most serious problem is always the one you didn't anticipate."

I'm feeling rather lazy tonight, so I will instead share with you one of my many papers. This one was written when I was a junior in high school.

“The most serious problem is always the one you didn't anticipate.” –Anonymous

I believe that no matter how diligently one plans ahead, there will always be some unanticipated problem. And of course, that singular snag will inevitably be the most troublesome of all, and could be the pitfall to the entire project. This attitude may make me appear a pessimist, but I beg to differ. Although I am, indeed, a pessimist, my conviction in this particular statement merely confirms me a realist. I have encountered many problems based on the aphorism above.
For example, imagine that you are running in a race. You huff along, almost to the finish line, when suddenly a lunatic jumps out of a bush and tackles you to the ground. More likely than not, you wouldn’t have predicted that this very odd event would occur, but it may well be the worst thing that could happen. Having a crazy person spring from a shrubbery and attack you would probably hurt your chances of finishing the race, and you may not even live through the experience. Thankfully, this has not happened to me, but as a paranoid, neurotic person, I have actually believed it could happen. Unfortunately, because I have already anticipated the appearances of odd characters on the racetrack, something even worse, and, of course, unanticipated, will ruin my chances of finishing a race.
However, despite what this particular adage implies, we can’t live our lives expecting the worst to happen. Because, as it also states, we can never truly anticipate what horrible disasters will occur.

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