07 November 2009


Currently, I am shopping for knee-high socks on the Spirit Halloween website. It's after Halloween, so all of the Halloween-related swag is 50% off! The only trouble is, I'm rather broke at the moment, considering that I haven't been employed since May. Socks are important, though. Which brings me to a list.

13 Things I Can't Buy From the Spirit Website
Because they would absolutely destroy my budget!
1. Catwoman Adult Costume
2. Black and White Over the Knee Socks
3. Ghost in the Attic Edwardian Spectre Adult Costume
4. Danny O Green Hat
5. Cat in the Hat Thing One Adult Costume
6. White Skull Mask Beanie
7. Skull Fence
8. Geisha Tween Girls Costume
9. Gothic Black Velvet Hooded Cape
10. Women's Arena Black Boot
11. Funky Skull Dress Women's Costume
12. Small Deluze Vampire Fangs
13. Black Adult Petticoat
Unless, however, one of my devoted readership would like to buy these things for me...?
Just kidding!

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