06 November 2009

Carpe Omnius

At the moment, I am watching the final few minutes of Hard Candy. Ellen Page, playing 14-year-old Hayley, is hacking out a pedophile's testicles. Well, hacking probably isn't the best word for it, as she seems to be doing quite a professional job. You'll have to watch the movie for yourself, as I'm not one for giving away too many details, but I will vouch for this being one the absolute best movies I've seen the entire year.

Can you tell who the bad guy is?

Four Other Horror Movies by Liongate Circa 2005-ish
Catchy title, right?

1. An American Haunting

2. Are You Scared

3. See No Evil

4. Stephen King's Desperation

May all your tenders remain intact.
I borrowed this. Check out this blog, too!

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