30 November 2009

The Google Image Meme Mashup

One of the newest internet crazes is the Google image meme, which I will be showing you shortly. When I found out about it, I figured that there would be one universal version. I was so very wrong. When I looked it up, on Google of course, every page I went to had a different version. So, with five different versions, I present to you, with no repeats, the...
Ultimate Google Image Meme
Age on your next birthday

A place you'd like to travel

The name of the town where you were born

The name of the town where you live now

Your favorite place

Your favorite object

Your favorite animal

Your favorite color

Your favorite food

Your favorite drink

Your favorite song

Your favorite smell

Your favorite flower

Your favorite holiday

You pet's name [past or current]

The name of a past love

Your best friend's nickname

Your nickname: well, I have a lot, so I'll give you three

Your first name

Your middle name

Your last name

Your grandmother’s name

Your screenname

Your first grade teacher's last name

Your best subject at school

The best thing to do

Your first job

Your major in college

Did you learn a little about me? Good.
Brought to you by the following sites:
The Sleepy Reader
The Passionate Ailurophile
BabyCenter Community
Deviant ART

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