28 November 2009

At the Opera Tonight

Yesterday night, or rather, very early this morning, Spock and I, as well as another couple, went out to Crown Point, Indiana, to see a midnight shadow-cast of Repo! The Genetic Opera. It was a long night, and we got lost multiple times, but it was definitely worth it. My close friend, Faythe, played Graverobber, as well as some other bit parts, and her Twin, whom I dated at one point, had six different roles, none of which he had rehearsed for. He did spectacular, no lie. In fact, the entire show was amazing. The turn-out was disappointing, though. Only about twenty people came, and they really weren't too active. My friends and I sat in the second row, and we were as loud and raucous as a midnight show calls for. After the show, we hung out for a bit before getting back on the road, and getting lost even more. Hurray for being lost!

It looks so much cooler in person

And on that thread...
Seventeen Reasons to Watch Repo! The Genetic Opera
1. Paris Hilton's face falls off

2. Sarah Brightman, the original Christine from The Phantom of the Opera, plays Blind Mag

3. Pretty much everybody wears black. All the time.

4. People pop out of dumpsters

6. There are drugs in people's brains...

7. And that fictional drug has its own website.

8. That guy's spine just got repossessed.

9. Sweet-ass Japanese poster!

10. Everyone in this picture is crazy. As if you couldn't tell.

12. DJ Granny!

13. Do you have what it takes to cut people open and rip out their guts?

14. This amazing song

15. Genterns. 'Nuff sad.

16. Raising the roof is still cool in 2057

17. And this awesome song

And then some!

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