01 January 2010

CONTEST; We have a tie... Vote in the final showdown!

Well, I'm glad you, my readership, kicked it into gear and voted. Unfortunately, there is a tie. I re-read the rules that I had posted, and found that they stated
In the event of a tie, the contest will be run until January 2nd, 2010, until 11:59 CST.
Upon reflection, I decided that this is a stupid rule. Therefore, I am extending the contest until the end of January, in order to decide the name more fairly.
The "Name My WeeBeast Contest" finalists are:
~ Ogden - submitted by Amanda J.
~ Percival - submitted by Kirk D.
So, for this contest's rules:
(1).Anyone who reads this blog, or feeds of its posts, can vote on a finalist. This is a public contest.
(2). On January 31st, 2010, at 11:59 CST, the finalist with the most votes will be declared the winner.
(3). Once a winner has been declared, they will be presented, upon giving me their e-mail address, a badge for their website, to display their winning the contest. I ask for the winner's e-mail, rather than simply posting the badge, so that other people can't steal it from the site and alter it.
In the words of the immortal [literally] Highlander, "There can only be one."
Oh, and I thought it might be nice to find out the meanings of each of these names. I like that sort of thing.

Meaning: From The Oak Valley
Origin: English

Meaning: Pierce Valley
Origin: French

Interesting how that works out; the meanings are so similar!


  1. I hope you found a little white squirrel while you were looking up Percival...

  2. No... why would I find a little white squirrel?

  3. I'd say 'Ogden'. I know Amanda.

  4. You know Amanda? Sweet!
    If you like Ogden, please vote!