17 January 2010

An Open Letter to Stephen King

Dear Mr. King-
I am writing to you in order to ask your personal permission to record one of your books as an audiobook for my dad. He and I are both very big fans of yours, and we're utterly baffled as to why Christine has never been recorded. He read it as a teenager, but currently he doesn't have the time to sit down and enjoy a book. He prefers to read with headphones on, whilst overhauling transmissions, washing dishes, or fixing the pipes in the basement. I love my dad, and I'm indebted to him not only for his introducing me to your works, but also because he taught me how to read, at age three. I've have a voracious appetite for books ever since, and your books are among those I have read the most.
I'm asking your permission simply because I think it is the right thing to do. I read that your children, when they were younger, recorded books for you, and I would like to do the same for my dad. Either that, or could you possibly explain why Christine has never been released in an audio format? Is there some underlying reason why mine and Dad's favorite book is seemingly the only one in your catalog that is not an audiobook?
I am including in this letter pictures of my and Dad's Stephen King collections, book-wise anyway. We also own the majority of the movies based on your novels, novellas, and short stories. I think I'd have to say my favorite is one of the more obscure--Maximum Overdrive. At one point, after we bought the DVD, we sold our VHS copy on half.com; it went to a buyer in Roswell. Needless to say, we were thrilled.

Dad's audio collection

My collection [1]

My collection [2]

Thank you for writing such wonderful books. Hopefully you will take the time to write me back.
[Sushi] Williams

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