10 January 2010

Stupid TV! Be More Funny!

I've watched the Simpsons since I was born, or thereabout. And, since I was born in 1990, this means that I've been watching the show practically since the beginning. It phased in and out, but when I came back, the Simpsons were always right there on Fox 32 at 6:00pm on weekdays, and at 7:00pm on Sundays. It's no surprise, therefore, that tonight I watched the 20th anniversary special, as well as the 450th episode.
Without further ado, I present:
Twenty Fascinating Secondary Simpsons Characters
Brought to you by Wikisimpsons!

1. Comic Book Guy - "Worst. Episode. Ever."

2. Dewey Largo - Most likely not related to the Largo family from Repo!

3. Dr. Hibbert - "Did anyone else slip this woman fertility drugs?"

4. Duffman - "New feelings brewing in Duffman! What would Jesus do?"

5. Frank Grimes - "I don't need safety gloves, 'cause I'm Homer Simp--"

6. George H. W. Bush - "What are you laughing at, Clinton?!"

7. Groundskeeper Willie - "Och, back to the loch wi' you, Nessie."

8. The Leprechaun - "Now you know what you have to do. Burn the house down! Burn 'em all!"

9. Manjula Nahasapeemapetilon - Fried Green Tomatoes is her favorite book, movie, and food

10. Milhouse Van Houten- Milhouse is allergic to honey, wheat, dairy, non-dairy and even his own tears

11. Ned Flanders - "Hi-diddly-ho, neighborino"

12. Otto - Sometimes Otto will have acid trips while driving, or while out in public(his shoes spoke to him at Lollapalooza, stating they meant no harm and only wanted to listen to the music)

13. Poochie - Note: Poochie died on his way back to his home planet

14. Professor Frink - "GLAVIN!"

15. Rainier Wolfcastle - He is a veteran of many violent action movies, most notably "the McBain series which does not correspond to a 1991 action movie by the same name."

16. SeƱor Ding Dong - "Does anyone have any jumper cables?"

17. Seth and Munchie - "Get a load of Captain Bringdown! Woah!"

18. Sideshow Bob - "Hello, Bart."

19. Mr. Smithers - Smithers has the largest collection of Malibu Stacy dolls in the World and is the president of the Malibu Stacy fan club

20. Troy McClure - "Hi, I'm Troy McClure. You may remember me from such [films, educational videos, voiceovers, etc.] as..."

Please... No more Simpsons movies...

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