06 January 2010

It's a Virtual Time Capsule!

My younger sisters got a subscription for Highlights magazine for Christmas. I was bored a few days ago, so I was flipping through the issue that came in, and I came across an article about making a time capsule. I'm well aware of time capsules, and while they are normally buried in the yard, this one is supposed to be placed in your closet, to be opened in 2020. Bear in mind that this is a publication aimed at younger children, most of whom will still live in the same place in ten years. I, however, won't even be living in the same place ten months from now. With that in mind, and the knowledge that almost everything ever put on the internet is still on it, somewhere, I have decided to make my time capsule here, on my blog.
Courtesy of Highlights

My Life in 2010

Name~ "Sushi" Williams
Age~ 19
Today's date~ 6 January 2010
My address today~ My e-mail address
My family includes~ "Severe", "Mama Bear", "Ladybug", and "Sunshine" Williams
Pets~ Peppermint and Darla [cats]
School, grade, teachers~ Kankakee Community College, sophomore, ...I've had a lot of teachers
Closest friends~ "Spock" Brutlag, "Freak" Sven., "Faythe" Wilson
    Book: The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, by Douglas Adams
    Food: Squid
    Sport: Egyptian Rat-screw
    Movie: Highlander
    Toy or game: Monopoly
    School subject: Chorus
    Memory so far: Going to a Rocky Horror Picture Show midnight show
    Song: For Your Entertainment, Adam Lambert
    Band or musician: Rush
    Color: Purple
    Quote: "Creepy rusting meat. Truly the heart and soul of all death metal." --Homestarrunner
    Way to spend vacation: I would prefer vacations didn't exist.
I'd like to change~ My attitude. I'm far too impatient.
Things about my life in 2010 that are great~ The year is new, and I have a hell of a lot more blogging to do.

My Life in 2020

Something that'll be different about me~ I'll be out of school, finally!
Something that won't be different about me~ I'll still love Rush and Star Trek.
Something that will be invented~ Food replicators
Something we'll be able to do that we can't do now~ Breath cleaner air
Some things I hope to be doing~ Raising a family, working in a career I love, still blogging, writing music, and being a weirdo
Where I hope to have traveled~ Back to Canada, and possibly mainland Europe.
What I'll be reading~ Stephen King's 100th novel
I hope the world will have made progress in~ Gay marriage; it will probably take at least another decade.
I hope I'll have learned~ How to get along with my parents; I'll need them more and more as I get older.
I want my future self to know that~ Sometimes, your family is all you have.
Who will be by my side when I open this time capsule~ My best friend, Spock

2020 or bust!

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