07 January 2010

We Have 200 Couches for You to Sleep On

As I may have mentioned, Satan Santa brought my family a PS3 and Beatles Rock Band. The great thing about Rock Band instruments is that they can be used with any version of the game. Well, Freak came over yesterday for a sleepover before she goes back out to university, so I rented Rock Band 2, just in case we got sick of the Beatles. For some people, that's blasphemy. For me, not so much, ever since my sister became obsessed with them. We never even touched the Beatles version. I had no idea Rock Band 2 was so damn fun, especially since I had never played the PS3 version. I also never had any other instruments. Prior to Christmas, we had one set of drums I got from eBay for $25. I enjoy playing the drums, but singing is more my forte, and Freak prefers the guitar. So, Freak picked up the Hofner bass and I grabbed the mic, and we jammed with our weird-looking band, Hanging Skeletons, until 2AM.
One thing I noticed about the songs on Rock Band 2 is that many of them have ridiculously complicated lyrics. I know many of them, but the ones I don't, I just trip over. Even some songs I was familiar with, like "That's What You Get" and "Nine in the Afternoon" proved challenging. Also, when I've got the mic I notice a lot more on screen than I do on the drums. There are so many pretty colors...
In addition to Rock Band 2, I also rented Tekken 6. For the most part, I love the Tekken series, but it works much in the same way that Microsoft operating systems do; there's a good-bad-good-bad pattern. For example, the first Tekken was awesome, but Tekken 2 was wretched. Tekken 3 was a revolutionary video game for its platform, while Tekken 4 was nauseatingly awful. Tekken 5 had new features that had never been seen in a fighting game, and allowed the gamer to play arcade versions of the original games in the series. Tekken 6 has no original versions, a billion cut-scenes, and TAKES FOR-FUCKING-EVER TO LOAD! Sorry, but I'm really disappointed in this game. I was under the impression that Namco had broken the streak and made two good games in a row, but I suppose that's not possible for them.
In the spirit of video games, I present to you:
Six Amazing Tekken Characters

1. Yoshimitsu - The only Tekken character to appear in every incarnation of the game.

2. Eddy Gordo - The only character I could beat my cousin with.

3. Mokujin - It's a block of wood. That can kick your ass!

4. Jinpachi Mishima - He has a giant, evil mouth coming out of his tummy!

5. Marshall Law - There is only Law.

6. NANCY-MI847J - If anyone knows how to legitimately beat her, please tell me.
Nancy has no official pictures, per se; there are mostly just crappy screenshots of her. So, here is a video of her. As a note, I don't approve of spamming in order to beat difficult bosses. That's just silly.
Here's hoping Tekken 7 comes out soon.

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