12 January 2010

Mind Readers, Nervous Teachers, and Jell-o Worms

Today was a fabulous day. No doubt about it. I got out of my first class, Community-Oriented Policing, after about 15 minutes, because the teacher, who I also have for Juvenile Delinquency, had to catch a plane to California; his son is getting married. So, no morning classes for the rest of the week! I walked down to the cafeteria, to try and find Spock, but I was deterred by the school-provided entertainment. Our coordinator takes very good care of the students; she comes up with most interesting things for us. This time, she hired a mind-reader named Christopher Carter. He did hypnotism, and blind-folded identification of random, audience-provided items, and other things that made us giggle. I have a bad feeling that it's all a hoax, and that he was being fed information through a headset, but it was interesting nonetheless. However, the last part of his act was a rather shameless plug of the CDs and DVDs he was selling, so I went upstairs to go to my next class, Middle Eastern History.
I believe that this class is the epitome of what I am trying to accomplish with my blog. In times of crisis such as these, college classes are about as close as I can get to Middle Eastern culture, and because I am in community college, the class is even reasonably priced! We are going to explore not only the history of the Middle East, but also its literature, culture, and people. I'm extremely excited for this.
Oh, and today was the first time I ate Jello-o with a straw. It was amazing.
One thing I have to mention is my teacher, Mr. Kistler. He is a very nervous person. Nice, friendly, cheerful, but very nervous. He says "Uh," a lot. And, I've decided to keep you all posted on how many times he says "Uh" per class. Just for the giggles. He gets a free day today, being the first class and all, but from Thursday on, I will be keeping a running total.
Let's hope he doesn't read this on my Facebook feed...


  1. Translated: To continuously update go yo!! Looking ~~........................................

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