21 January 2010

More brilliant junk mail ideas / U(h)pdate 3

It's time for part two of my international hippy name generator! This time, I am working with birthstones, so this list will only be about half as long as the previous one. Same rules apply: I will use the properties of the stones to look up names on BabyNames.com, and choose the first name that comes up for each gender.

Names According to Birthstone Lore
In other words, the ideal name to give your child, according to the month in which they were born

January - Garnet
Stability, devotion, commitment

Male: Constantine Yatin Ahadi
Female: Constance Demetra Sheva
February - Amethyst
Stability, intuition, peace

Male: Constantine Odin Dinh
Female: Constance Odina Aquene
March - Aquamarine
Courage, preparedness, self-expression

Male: Isamu Aragorn Ixtli
Female: Welmoed Zelia Calliope
April - Diamond
Courage, healing, spirituality

Male: Isamu Jase Ruhan
Female: Welmoed Eirny Reiki
May - Emerald
Love, sensitivity, loyalty

Male: Luthando Ly Daemyn
Female: Agape Bhavna Karida
June - Pearl
Purity, faith, sincerity

Male: Apu Foy Ernesto
Female: Chastity Creda Sarla
July - Ruby
Spiritual wisdom, wealth, love

Male: Ganesa Otis Luthando
Female: Minerva Laxmi Agape
August - Peridot
Healing, friendliness, understanding

Male: Reiki Benigno Hieu
Female: Eirny Hetal Tvuna
September - Sapphire
Beauty, prosperity, intuition

Male: Alagan Imaran Odin
Female: Belle Lakshmi Odina
October - Opal
Hope, health, wealth

Male: Umed Balint Otis
Female: Amali Valentina Laxmi
November - Citrine
Optimism, joy, mental awakening

Male: Aman Gilon Vitalis
Female: Amani Allegra Onawa
December - Turquoise
Cleansing, protection, valor

Male: Apu Branislav Fergal
Female: Kiyko Csilla Evera
P.S. Thanks to the following websites for images:
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The Diamond Guru
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Jewelry Spice
Tanzanite Jewelry
Bocco & Boltz
Superb Gemstones Market
Mr. Kistler's Uh Count
Mr. Kistler's *Uh* Count
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Semester 953

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