26 January 2010

Graverobber Does Chicago

On Saturday night, my Repo! shadow-caster friends, Spock, and I piled into Twin's car to go to the Music Box in downtown Chicago. Why? To meet Terrance Zdunich, the creator of Repo!: The Genetic Opera. This is the equivalent of a Rocky Horror fan meeting Richard O'Brien. It was quite an experience. Being downtown Chicago on a Saturday night, there was virtually no parking. Luckily, we found a spot just in time to be five minutes too late to go to the pre-show meet-and-greet.
The show itself was fantastic. The shadow-casters, 90 Day Delinquents, did a great job of interacting with the audience, as well as staying true to the heart of the movie. I have to admit my group was a bit raucous, but some people were just too quiet! On an interesting side note, it's been pretty much decided that I'm a shadow-cast groupie, and possibly our group's, You Know You Want It acting troupe, number 1 fan. I'm quite proud of that; they're good people, for the most part, and I've been friends with may of them for a while. I was pleased to see that the majority of the audience managed to get off their ass during the Genetic Opera scene; sometimes people just don't bother to "get up, get up."
After the movie, we got in line, this time inside the theater, to meet Terrance Zdunich. It took about 45 minutes to get there, but it was so very worth the wait. He was so receptive, and very kind to all of us; he even wants to see one of our shadow-casts! Terrance also signed Faythe's Chuck Taylors; she has vowed to wear only that pair in future performances. I suppose it's not as interesting, but he signed my DVD copy of Repo as well. He knew how to spell my name without me telling him! That's very important to me.
But I'm still fuzzing it out so the general e-public can't read it.

Still, pretty darn cool. I'd go again if it didn't take so long.
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