22 January 2010

A Fancier Free Lunch

Today, there was a symposium at school, on the development of the modern Middle East. Understandably, I went, considering that I happen to be in a Middle Easter history class. I thought it was fascinating. We learned about the development of the countries' borders, about women's rights, and the enforcement of negative stereotypes, all before lunch! And, also because I'm in the history class, I got a free lunch, and got to meet with the presenters. It was awesome, even if the lunch was a tad skimpy. Usually, school gives pretty good lunches [I've been to more than a few shindigs, given that I'm one of those "smart kids"]; this time, it was kind of pathetic. Ah well, food is food.
Also, Spock introduced me to an awesome show: "The IT Crowd". I've only watched a few episodes, but I can already tell that the rest of the show will be just as awesome.
Just as an example, watch this clip.
And this is what Spock aspires to do?! I think he's crazy.

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