30 January 2010

In Cold Blood: The Field Trip

My mother had a Brownies meeting today, and of course, that doesn't involve the actual Brownies, just their parents/leaders. And, it doesn't involve me, even though I'm a junior leader, because two of the Brownies live with me, and I had to babysit them. All day. So, Spock and I took them to a reptile show, in the far-flung reaches of Indiana. This wasn't just a random thing; my mom has been waving the flyer around all week. What I found interesting was that the presenter, Jim Nesci, came to a function at my homeschool group when I was about the same age as my sisters. I suppose, though, that there are only so many reptile handlers in the Midwest. Nevertheless, it was entertaining, and I got a ton of pictures.
I've noticed that I will occasionally say that I took a ton of pictures, and then, realized that you, my readership, will never see them. For that reason, I have created a Flickr account to solve that very problem. So, If you want to see the pictures, go to my Cold-Blooded Creature Show set. That takes care of that.
On a final note, there are only a few hours left to vote on the Weebeast contest! Who's excited?!?!
I fiddled around with the layout. I hope you like it!

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