18 January 2010

Q is for naked Asian vegetarian! : And other letters of the alphabet...

From what I've noticed, I haven't done a list in at least a week. And I'm very bored, and not especially tired, so I'm going to sit here and try to think of a good list to give you fine people. Oh, and I might play Restaurant City.
Six minutes later
I have it! Oh this is going to be fun. I'm going to run an image search for every letter of the alphabet. I will put up the first picture that comes up for each letter, no matter what it is. I say no matter what because my Safe Search is off, so Lord knows what will pop up. Ok, here we go.

Twenty-six Random, Alphabetized Images

A- is for smallpox vaccination!

B- is for B-52!

C- is for worm!

D- is for David D. Lewis!

E- is for E. coli!

F- is for F-15K!

G- is for G-IV!

Is is just me, or are a lot of airplanes popping up? Spock is going to love this entry.
H- is for 4-H!

I- is for mugshot!

J- is for J-10!

Are you kidding? More airplanes?
K- is for K'naan!

L- is for lesbians!

M- is for M-theory planet!

N- is for N-Prime!

At least it's a satellite, and not another airplane.
O- is for O-face!

P- is for P-Mate!

Yes, that is a woman peeing whilst standing up. Click the picture for more details.
Q- is for naked Asian vegetarian!

R- is for Audi R-Zero!

S- is for STS-126!

T- is for t-shirt slogans!

U- is for lolcat!

V- is for swimsuit model!

W- is for Dubya!

I guess I should have seen that coming. But why did it have to be a NICE picture?
X- is for communication!

Best. Name. Ever.
Y- is for space!

Z- is for that scary-ass thing...!

Now I know my ABCs; next time won't you run an image search with me? :D

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