20 January 2010

Thank you, junk mail; you give me such brilliant ideas

A few days ago, I got a massive amount of junk mail. In real life, not the internet, mind you; this was actual, paper junk mail. Among the things I got was a free guide [i.e. piece of paper] to gemstone lore and modern birthstones. Each of the gemstones named has three properties supposedly attributed to it. So, looking at it, I thought, 'Names have three parts to them. Why not make names from the properties?' Which is what I'm going to do. I'm going to reverse search name meanings on BabyNames.com, in order to make up names for each of these gemstones. I will choose the first name that comes up for each gender. That way, there is a female name and a male name. Less bias that way. I will also include a picture of each of the stones, because I like shiny things. So, here we go...

Names According to Gemstone Lore
In other words, the international hippy name generator, extreme version.
1. Agate
Balance, inspiration, perceptiveness

Male: Kazou Odin Kato
Female: Hokona Odina Dena
2. Amazonite
Success, joy, harmony

Male: Kamran Artaxiad Kazou
Female: Inari Abigail Hokona
3. Amber
Purification, spirituality, cleansing

Male: Apu Ruhan Asho
Female: Agnes Mecca Kiyko
4. Aventurine
Independence, leadership, motivation

Male: Kesler Alem Dumi
Female: Indy Caesarea Deserae
5. Bloodstone
Intense healing, renewal, strength

Male: Jase Aviv Angus
Female: Kayson Aviva Abrielle
6. Carnelian
Precision, action, stimulation

Male: Radko Gram Ryota
Female: Rada Charisma Onawa
7. Coral
Diplomacy, quieting emotions, visualization

Male: Joost Kamau Darshan
Female: Calla Ballari Brea
8. Fluorite
Order, discernment, concentration

Male: Bao Kato Chikafusa
Female: Cosima Maizah Mao
9. Hematite
Order, insight, regeneration

Male: Bao Rishi Akintunde
Female: Cosima Ephiphany Natale
10. Howlite
Awareness, patience, observation

Male: Sprague Dzigbode Gregory
Female: Vinita Subira Atalaya
11. Jade
Fortune, longevity, accomplishment

Male: Chance Dante Cheng
Female: Fayola Mandana Wakana
12. Jasper
Insight, awareness, protection

Male: Hieu Sprague Branislav
Female: Ephiphany Arin Branka
13. Lapis Lazuli
Knowledge, wisdom, perfection

Male: Arif Daichi Kamal
Female: Arafa Akili Kamili
14. Moonstone
Introspection, reflection, tenderness

Male: Tancred Tut Osman
Female: Suchin Kawena Edna
15. Mother of Pearl
Mental clarity, adaptability, cooperative

Male: Akira Calais Kyo
Female: Galina Melba Kyou
16. Obsidian
Deflecting negativity, protection, healing

Male: Birungi Branislav Balint
Female: Yoko Branka Eirny
17. Onyx
Self control, decision making, intuition

Male: Jarl Dempster Darshan
Female: Temperance Valkyrie Ephiphany
18. Rose Quartz
Love, calming, gentleness

Male: Carwyn Dinh Bonner
Female: Agape Malana Mayu
19. Smoky Quartz
Clearing the mind, cooperation, grounding

Male: Howell Kyo Acoose
Female: Edda Kyou Mita
20. Tiger Eye
Optimism, peacefulness, clarity

Male: Ziv Arav Arjun
Female: Meora Chessa Bayan
21. Topaz
True love, trust, success

Male: Ipo Aman Fateh
Female: Aimi Amani Yusra
22. Tourmaline
Energizing, soul-searching, releasing

Male: Chi Can Eliphalet
Female: Urja Enid Hippolyta

I think this is the most research I've ever done for one list.
Oodles of thanks to the following websites for their pictures:
Crystal Cure
Serendipity Direct
Gehna Bazaar
Jewel of the I
The Leaf Lady
Aura Sutra
Pedra Selua
Bead Charmed

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