03 January 2010

Stay Sane Inside Insanity

I went to my first Rocky Horror midnight show last night, at the Art Theater in Hobart, Indiana. Being a virgin [first-timer], I had to endure some jeers from the veterans in the crowd, at least before the show started. All the virgins were called up to the front to introduce themselves. Then, four brave volunteers, myself included, participated in a human wheelbarrow race up and down the theatre aisle. The girl I was paired up with was considerably heavier than me, and when we switched places to go back down the aisle, she face-planted, and I could barely hold her legs up. So, we said screw it, and walked back, amidst the booing of the crowd. I would have loved to have finished the race, but I didn't want to beat up that poor girl in the process.
As far as virgins go, I was probably a lot more prepared for the show than most. I have been a fan of RHPS since I was twelve, and I've practiced my audience participation for about as many years, with the Audience Partici...pation CD my mom got me when I started showing a greater interest in going to the show. Some of the lines have changed over the years, so I was a tad off, and I learned a lot more cues, but I had a fun time nevertheless. It was a loooong night, to say the least.
Giving over to absolute pleasure since 2002!
P.S. Yes, I dressed up. I managed to assemble a semi-decent Brad Majors costume. If it was warmer, I would have been more daring, but it was 2 degrees out. No fishnets in below-freezing weather, thank you very much.

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