22 August 2010

On the Prowl

This is the last day of my first weekend at Eastern. I moved into my dorm on Thursday, and have been attending Prowl, the orientation program for new students, all weekend long. Spock was a big help moving me in, and, before we even got there, calming my nerves after my dad got into a wreck on the highway. I know it's only been a few days, but I have really acclimated to the college environment. I've found some of my friends, made some new ones, and hung out with my roommate, the amazing Freak. Eastern is really big on self-advertisement; I already have two t-shirts, a backpack, and a water bottle, all plastered with the EIU logo. I never mind free things, though. Freak and I have been having a great time just laying around watching TV, but we'll have to cut back when school starts tomorrow.
Currently, we're watching The Dark Knight, which is funny, considering that our dorm's theme is Batman. We also bought Batman Begins and Watchmen from Walgreens, which is a few blocks away. In short, I'm having a ridiculously good time. The only down-side is that I miss Spock, and my other friends and family.

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