22 August 2011


The first day of classes went well enough. I only have two classes per day, apart from Friday, when I have one; whenever my professor and I figure out my honors independent study time, I may wind up having three classes in a day. To put it mildly, I'm going to get rather bored, rather quickly, even with the numerous papers I have to write. So. Very. Bored. I went to Gays in the Park this afternoon; it mostly consisted of the EIU Pride members and myself sitting around at a local park eating pizza and reminiscing.

I already know I'm going to wind up playing far too much Dungeons and Dragons Online (DDO), my MMO of choice. And I'm going to read way too many graphic novels and manga; just joking on that last statement--there's no such thing as too much reading.

As it stands, I'm too bored to even come up with a list. I sincerely hope that tomorrow is better, insofar as classes, social interactions, etc...

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