16 February 2010

I don't own enough black for this...

In an ironic twist of fate, everyone around me is dying. It started with my sister's friend in January, followed by my friend Squishy's sister, who died in a snowboarding accident, and my un-sister Mistake's grandmother. And now, my uncle, and my dad's baby brother, is gone. I find it ironic because last summer, I tried to kill myself. Obviously, I survived, because I'm writing this. I'm not particularly happy about being alive at this point, though. I was just a funeral two weeks ago, and had my uncle not died so very suddenly, I would be going to one tomorrow. But, as my dad is the most responsible of the five remaining siblings in his family, it is up to my family to arrange, and pay for, cremation and other various expenses that will most certainly crop up. So far, this year has not turned out well.
I think I'll go play Portal, and try to forget I live in the real world...


Guffrey Michael "Guffy" Williams

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