06 May 2010

A Meme from a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Lately, I've been on the Star Wars kick from hell. I've drown myself in games, movies, novels, and websites all about that galaxy from a long time ago. Combine that with the fact that I haven't done very many lists as of late, and the fact that I love image memes, and you will get today's Force-tastic list. The same rules apply as the first alphabet meme that I did; the first result is taken, no matter what. And I'm a firm non-believer in Safe Search.
The Aurebesh Image Meme
- Aurek

- Besh

- Cresh


- Esk

- Forn

- Grek

- Herf

- Isk

- Jenth

- Krill

- Leth

Wow, this is double-nerdy: That's a Klingon weapon.
- Mern

- Nern

- Osk

- Peth

- Qek

- Resh

- Senth

- Trill

- Usk

- Vev

- Wesk

- Xesh

- Yirt

- Zerek

Oh, but there's more...
This meme will be continued next time in Episode II: Aurebesh Letters that have No Technical English Equivalent. Or something like that.

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