02 May 2010

What Diabolical Chicken Stepped on Your Face and Stole Your Neck?!

There is confetti in my bra, white make-up in my hair, and a smile on my face. Spock, Severe, and I have just gotten home from a Rocky Horror Picture Show midnight showing. For the first time since I started going to shows, I full-on dressed up. Don't panic, you will get to see. Spock had never been to--or even seen--Rocky Horror, and my dad hadn't gone since before I was born. So, it was a lot of fun for all of us, what with the flying rolls of toilet paper, party hats, and squirt guns. We did the Time Warp as best we could, because, well, we were in a theater, and there isn't a whole lot of room to wave your arms about, or pelvic thrust, or anything, really. Faythe was there, and she and I heckled the entire time, trading loud, obnoxious comments back and forth. It was much different than Repo!, where everyone except for the four people that have been there before are afraid to say anything.
Today's list helps to promote my fellow Deviants, and their endeavors in Rocky Horror-based fan art. Click on the pictures to see larger versions on the DeviantART website.
Thirteen Sweet Rocky Horror Pictures
5. : You really need to view this full-size to take in all the little details
And a poem!
Quake in fear, you tiny fools!

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