30 May 2010

It Is Hard to Fill a Cup That is Already Full

It was a dull day until about three hours ago, when we popped in the newly-released DVD of Avatar. Despite all the bad press I had read about it, I absolutely adored the film. The effects are stunning, the all-star cast was believable, and, most importantly, the transition between Pandora and our bases there were seamless. I especially like that Zoe Saldana was involved; I enjoy her increased presence in Hollywood since Star Trek came out. I think one of the only things that bothers me is that the movie rips off the plotlines of so many films that came before, among them Ferngully: The Last Rainforest, Pocahontas, and Braveheart. I can't complain too much, though; after all, Hollywood hasn't come up with an original idea in years. Another issue is the improbability of the creatures that live on Pandora> Why does everything except the Na'vi have six legs and four eyes, or two sets of wings and multiple breathing holes? The only added appendage the Na'va have is a tail, and an interface cable that looks like a braid with a squid coming out of it. And I'm not the only person who wonders about the inexplicable nature of Pandora's fauna. But enough about complaints. What I want to do with this blog is round up some of the best resources the internet has to offer in terms of learning more about the movie Avatar and the Na'vi, who are the humanoid beings who reside on Pandora, which basically looks like Jupiter Photoshopped blue. So, I give you:
15 Incredible Avatar Links
1. Official Website
2. Avatar Wiki
3. Na'vi Translator
4. Official Facebook Page
5. Avatar Forum
6. Wikipedia article
7. Encyclopedia Dramatica article: contains a LOT of foul language
8. Rotten Tomatoes review
9. Hate By Numbers review
10. Unhealthy side-effects of watching Avatar
11. Create a Na'vi Avatar Maker
12. Cracked.com's hilarious overview of Avatar: more loads of swearing
13. Avatar fansite
14. Avatarize Yourself
15. Jake Sully's Facebook profile

I hope you have fun with all the links. Until next time, Oel ngati kameie.

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